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The Homestead Homeschool Shop Coupon Of The Month Offer

Favorite any item in our ETSY shop and share one of our blog or Facebook posts on social media and receive 10 percent off your next purchase using the code - FAVES10 at checkout. 

Homeschool Study Unit - Art You Can Use - 11 Projects And A Parent Guide On How To Use Art As Extension Activity In All Academic Subjects

The Art You Can Use 188 page long Homestead Homeschool study unit is filled to the brim with projects parent and child can make together and use as either hands-on extension activities connected to all academic subjects or as homemade toys ... or both.  Not only does this Homestead Homeschool art and learning resources guide teach you how to make 11 projects, it also details how each can be tied into your homeschool academic curriculum - as well as what skills each project will teach the children in the parent guide. Visit The Homestead Homeschool section inside of the Dodrill Ranch ETSY shop to learn more about this hand-on art unit. The digital files can be immediately downloaded after purchase so you and your children can get busy having fun and learning together making the 11 included projects. The many variations each project offers will help you keep creating something new, different, and engaging again and again as the completed works are integrated into daily homeschooling les

Two New The Homestead Homeschool Theme Units To Be Released On August 29!

Two more The Homestead Homeschool theme units will be released on August 29, 2020. The second in our Natural Remedies Theme Unit Bundle will focus upon ironweed and its many uses.  The other new self-reliance homeschool theme unit will be focused on chicken husbandry and the life cycle of the meat and poultry birds. These two new Homestead Homeschool theme units as well as existing ones and supplies you may to use as extension activities, are all available in our Dodrill Ranch shop on ETSY. While you are waiting for the new theme units to be released, check out the first Homestead Homeschool Natural Remedies Series - Jewelweed And Plantain . All of the Homestead Homeschool theme units integrate all core subjects into the hands-on learning process. As with all of our self-reliance learning packages, this theme unit is designed to address preschool through high school students. You choose which included "grade" level instruction series and activities for your child to complete

Setting Up A Self-Reliance Homeschool Is Probably A Lot Easier Than You Think!

  Creating a homeschool curriculum that suits both the academic and self-reliance goals of a prepping family is an exciting endeavor. If you thought   setting up the homeschool classroom   was fun, the thrill of designing the curriculum is going to knock your socks off! Finally, you have control over not just what your child is being taught, but HOW they are going to learn the material. If you do not have a background in education, setting up a curriculum and making lesson plans understandably may feel like an overwhelming and daunting task. Once you have the material that covers all the state required and necessary objectives, you can tinker around with it, infusing it with out-of-the seat and hands-on training to make it your own.  Think of the ready-made curriculum packets and lesson plans as a springboard to guide your efforts and not an end point. Click here to read my complete set of creating a self-reliance homeschool tips guide on Survival Sullivan.

Homeschooling Laws By State - Teaching Your Children At Home Is Legal Everywhere, But There Can Be Huge Hoops To Jump Through

An Overview of State Homeschooling Laws • States with the most lenient homeschooling laws do not require any official notification with the local school district about a lack of intent to enroll a child when they become school age – but few states are this flexible. If a child who has been attending a public school district is removed to become educated at home, the school must be notified to prevent delinquency or potentially even child abuse, charges from being filed. • The majority of states require notification of both an intend to not enroll or to remove a child from the government school system. Academic assessment and annual reporting policies still vary widely by state after the initial intent to homeschool is reported. Click here to read my full homeschooling laws by state report on Modern Survival Online .

Morning Forest School Is A Part Of The Homestead Homeschool Experience

Our 3-year-old granddaughter Audriella (Auddie) absolutely loves flowers. Every Homestead Homeschool curriculum theme unit that has anything to do with flowers or gardening are always her favorite.  Click here to watch Auddie proudly sharing her wild flower (A.K.A. 'weeds') knowledge during a forest school adventure after morning chores in the barnyard.  Yes, homeschooling on the homestead is sometimes enjoyed while still wearing a nightgown and a bathrobe!

Natural Remedies Series - Jewelweed And Plantain Theme Unit

  In this Homestead Homeschool theme unit your children will learn how to make a salve, tincture, infusion, at much more using jewelweed and plantain in addition to participating in engaging language arts, marth, science, and history learning activities about not only these particular plants but foraging and herbalism, as well. Natural Remedies Series - Jewelweed and Plantain Theme Unit Course Description Make an all-natural antiseptic salves, teas, infusions, vinegars, tinctures, and more from ingredients you can gather in your own backyard as part of your homesteading homeschool curriculum. Your child will learn how to identify plantain and jewelweed in this earth science homeschool theme unit.    If jewelweed does not grow on your land or you discover this theme unit in winter, check out our store listings for dried organically grown jewelweed leaves. The salve can be made using only plantain, but may not be as potent of a minor wound healing salve.   Other needed supplies include:

How To Use The Homestead Homeschool Curriculum As A Scouting Alternative Or Family Enrichment Program

  How The Homestead Heritage Explorers Scout Program Works Many American families are searching for an alternative to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for several reasons. The removal of God from the organization, a lack of focus on outdoor skills and patriotism, as well as an increasingly liberal political tone in troop materials, often being chief among them. Did you know Boy Scouts can now earn a badge for their video game playing prowess? I was shocked when a neighboring homesteader told me her son became very frustrated and bored during his most recent scout meeting because the troop leader brought in game consoles for the boys to play on. In an effort to keep up trending interests of modern youth, the basic building blocks of scouting is being discarded in rapid fashion by both Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, according to tales from some former members and the list of badges that can be earned on their websites. Tens of thousands of former Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts (and often their leade

Homestead Homeschool - A Complete Curriculum For Self-Reliant Families

Have you spent countless frustrating hours on the internet looking for homeschool curriculum materials to use when teaching your children? I am willing to bet this year's harvest that you didn't find a single one designed entirely with homesteading and prepper families in mind. Sure, you can find plenty of free printables and how to directions for educational activities on the internet, but then you have to attempt to cobble them together into a comprehensive curriculum program. When you look down at the massive stack of printed worksheets that took you days to weeks to find, it doesn't take long to grasp how closely they resemble the type of work your child would be doing in public school - which is not at all what you intended when making the important decision to homeschool. If you don't have the time, patience, satellite internet data, or professional background that permits you to design a homeschool curriculum all on your own, purchasing one from a conventional ed