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Natural Remedies Series - Jewelweed And Plantain Theme Unit


In this Homestead Homeschool theme unit your children will learn how to make a salve, tincture, infusion, at much more using jewelweed and plantain in addition to participating in engaging language arts, marth, science, and history learning activities about not only these particular plants but foraging and herbalism, as well.

Natural Remedies Series - Jewelweed and Plantain Theme Unit Course Description

Make an all-natural antiseptic salves, teas, infusions, vinegars, tinctures, and more from ingredients you can gather in your own backyard as part of your homesteading homeschool curriculum. Your child will learn how to identify plantain and jewelweed in this earth science homeschool theme unit. 


If jewelweed does not grow on your land or you discover this theme unit in winter, check out our store listings for dried organically grown jewelweed leaves. The salve can be made using only plantain, but may not be as potent of a minor wound healing salve.


Other needed supplies include: wax, cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer, measuring cups, double boiler or Mason jar placed inside of a cookpot with water, carrier oil (olive, coconut, almond, or vegetable) stirring spoon, and storage containers with a firm-fitting lid.


All of the Homestead Homeschool theme unit integrates all core subjects into the hands-on learning process.


  • Math - Measuring ingredients and estimating the number and weight of the plant parts foraged. 
  • History and Reading - The traditional and ancient uses of each plant, how to grow it, harvest, it and use it as part of a home apothecary or amateur herbalist project.
  • Writing - The theme unit includes journaling, notebooking, lapbook, and essay components.
  • Vocabulary - Children will be introduced to new or more complex definitions of plant names, harbalist related terms, health terms, as well as scientific method terminilogy.
  • Science - Plant identification, wax combustion process (solid to liquid state changes) and natural medicine components.
  • Art - Drawing photos of the plants used, making an art collage out of the plant parts, creation of a leaf and flower identification herbal journal, taking photos of the plants growing in nature, making a video presentation of the salve creation project or posterboard display.
  • Physical Education - Walking or hiking to forage for the plant materials.



As with all of our self-reliance learning packages, this theme unit is designed to address preschool through high school students.


You choose which included "grade" level instruction series and activities for your child to complete. The DIY all natural salve theme unit can easily be used as a multi-age learning project unit OR be used with your preschool child now and saved for use in later years when he or she can increase their knowledge of the subject by using the upper grade levels of texts and activities.


The Homestead Homeschool theme units are carefully crafted to grow with your child to not only increase and fine tune their self-reliance skill set but to save you money on homeschool curriculums year after year. 


Click here to visit The Homestead Homeschool store to purchase the Natural Remedies Series - Jewelweed And Plantain Theme Unit.

I am not a medical professional of any type. This plantain and jewelweed salve them unit, like all other foraging and natural home remedy units, is presented for educational and entertainment purposes only. The information presented draws upon my own years of personal experience as well as linked scientific and related studies in the unit text. 


Simply because the ingredients in the recipe are all natural does not necessarily mean they are safe for everyone to use or that an allergic reaction might not occur. Always consult with your doctor before using any natural remedy.


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