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Duck Unit Study - 143 Page Educational Text And Activities For Homesteading Homeschool Families


Duck Unit Study designed by The Homestead Homeschool. This 143 page educational text and printable activity duck husbandr theme unit is designed to grow with our child as he or she ages from preschool through senior year - or be taught to multi-age children at the same time.  This is truly the only duck homeschool theme unit you will ever need. 

Children will learn facts about ducks, the different breeds of meat and egg ducks, what each breed shares in common and the differences between them. Learners will also be introduced to all aspects of duck husbandry to help teach them how to raise their own flock - and use the products duck offer. 

Purchase The Homestead Homeschool Duck Unit Study by clicking here to start learning today!

Duck Unit Study Sections

1. Duck Quick Facts

2. Duck Keeping Pros And Cons

3. Duck Language And Behavior

4. Raising Ducks For Eggs

5. Egg Laying Duck Breed Husbandry Tips

6. Duck Egg Facts

7. Best Duck Egg Laying Breeds

8. How To Maximize Egg Production

9. Duck Breeding Behavior

10. How To Tell If A Duck Is Happy

11. Caring For Ducks In The Winter

12. Duck Feeding Guide

13. Duck Foraging Tips

14. Safe And Healthy Treats For Ducks

15. Foods That Are Toxic To Ducks

16. How To Sex A Duck

17. Ducks And Their Water Needs

18. Incubating Duck Eggs

19. Should You Become A Duck Keeper?

The Homestead Homeschool Duck Unit Activities

1.  Label A Duck Printable

2. Duck Themed Math Clip It Cards Printables - Number Recognition

3. Venn Diagram Lessons

4. Lapbook - Notebook Projects And Printables

5. My Duck Colors Book Printable

6. Duck Breed Guide Book Printable - Writing Activities

7. Duck Word And Letter Recognition Printable 

8. Duck Breed Recognition Coloring Page Printable

9. Cooking With Duck Eggs Printable Activity

10. Duck Pond Poster, Lapbook, Or Notebook Comprehension And Writing Activity Printable

11. Duck Breed Egg Laying Charting Activity

12. Duck Diet Comprehension Project

13. Duck Essay Prompt

14. Make A "Commercial" About Ducks Activity

15. Duck Habitat Scale Model Project

16. Duck Storybook Project

17. Duck Husbandry Daily Journal Activity

18. Duck Husbandry Monthly Journal Record Project

19. Diorama Projects

20. Book Report In A Bag Activity

21. DIY Duck Husbandry Project Ideas For Older Learners Video Links

22. Duck Educational And Read Aloud Book Video Companion Links For Younger Learners

23. Links To 20 Entirely Free Duck Unit Study Extension Resource Printables

There is something for everyone in this The Homestead Homeschool duck theme unit, regardless of their age and abilities. Full color photos of ducks in their natural habitat throughout, plus graphics and lapbook - notebook templates in both color and black and white to print and use for outlined activities and projects.


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