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Homestead Homeschool Theme Units New For October 2020

Each month The Homestead Homeschool will be adding at least three new unit studies for preschool through senior high learners in our ETSY shop

The new homeschool unit studies for October 2020 will be: Bee and Beekeeping, Goat Husbandry, as well as Tracking Animal and Human Predators.

Each theme unit will be filled with at least 100 pages of learning, instructional, and interactive hands-on activities.

There is something for everyone in The Homestead Homeschool theme units, regardless of the age and abilities of the children. 

The Homestead Homeschool Difference

Have you spent countless frustrating hours on the internet looking for homeschool curriculum materials to use when teaching your children? I am willing to bet this year's harvest that you didn't find a single one designed entirely with homesteading and prepper families in mind.
Sure, you can find plenty of free printables and how to directions for educational activities on the internet, but then you have to attempt to cobble them together into a comprehensive curriculum program.

When you look down at the massive stack of printed worksheets that took you days to weeks to find, it doesn't take long to grasp how closely they resemble the type of work your child would be doing in public school - which is not at all what you intended when making the important decision to homeschool.

If you don't have the time, patience, satellite internet data, or professional background that permits you to design a homeschool curriculum all on your own, purchasing one from a conventional educational materials provider is always an option. But doing so might require getting a small loan from the bank, especially if you have multiple children in the family.

A generic homeschool curriculum can often cost you up to $1,000 - per grade level. Such curriculum programs don't even always include a teacher's edition to tell you how to use the materials or how to grade your child's work.

The Homestead Homeschool is a comprehensive homeschool curriculum centered around self-reliance education, as well as meaningful, and useful learning concepts. Every theme unit in our curriculum packages are designed for preschool through high school level students. The theme units can be used when teaching multi-age children or for just one child - saving the upper age level lesson for future years.

The Homestead Homeschool curriculum is designed in topic specific in-depth theme units that offer lessons in all core subjects: reading, math, history, and science as well as art and physical education. This expansive hands-on curriculum can also doubles as scout-like program alternative that is operated independently by those who sign up for access OR as a family enrichment program.

What Makes The Homestead Homeschool Curriculum Different From Other Homeschool Programs?

As homesteaders and prepping parents, we work diligently to pass down our skills to our children and grandchildren. Our children have long deserved an educational experience created explicitly for them to address the self-reliance needs and goals of our families. The Homestead Homeschool curriculum helps parents combine their self-reliant, prepping, or homesteading efforts with a comprehensive homeschooling curriculum that teaches not just the academic basics but skills the children will find vital throughout their lifetime.

Homestead Homeschool is a turnkey program filled with hands-on meaningful and useful academic activities as well as fun educational experiences.

How It All Began

The Homestead Homeschool is a labor of love that began simply as part of an effort to find meaningful homeschool materials and a scouting program for our youngest grandchildren. Our daughter and son-in-law now live on our homesteading survival retreat and have three little ones that need proper educating.

By proper, I do not mean something that resembles the work I did in a public school system for a decade or anything similar to the activities that now occur routinely in traditional scouting programs. My oh my, has scouting changed since I spent many years volunteering as a troop leader.

No, by proper education and appropriate scouting I mean hands-on, interactive, learning with a purpose. The joy has been sucked out of the learning process at public schools. Children sit in desks completing ditto sheets that more often than not, they "trade and grade" and the teacher barely even glances at once they are turned in. They tote around heavy backpacks filled with textbooks that boast an increasingly liberal bent and spend far less time learning about American history, to think for themselves and comprehend, than they do "practicing" to take government mandated achievement tests.

Our children are not being educated at school, they are merely learning to regurgitate force-fed information - no real thinking is required, or even encouraged.

I vividly remember my rural public school peers shaking their heads in agreement when I walked into the teacher's lounge one day and stated I felt like a factory working quickly doing my part to keep the assembly line going, never deviating from a singular assigned task - manufacturing good little test-takers. Oh, there was a small amount of a quality control aspect to the job as well. Any student who did not immediately fit the mold was rapidly stamped with a label that removed them from the government mandated achievement test taking review and ushered them off somewhere to a "special" or "intervention" classroom ... or medicated.

As I began making and finding homeschool curriculum resources that meshed with the self-reliance goals our grandchildren are being raised with on our survival homesteading retreat, I became inspired to do more with the materials and not limit their benefit to only our own loved ones.

"We're all in this together," is the frequent and caring mantra uttered by one of my preparedness mentors, Survivor Jane. It is the spirit of that sentiment that motivated me to create The Homestead Homeschool program and share it with other homesteading and prepping families.


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