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Natural Remedies Theme Unit - Goldenrod Homeschool Unity Study For Preschool Through Senior High School Learners

This homeschool theme unit about Goldenrod teaches children how to identify, harvest, and uses this wild edible and medicinal plant. This interactive and hands-on theme unit, like all The Homestead Homeschool unit is designed for use by children from preschool through senior high. 

The Goldenrod Unit Study includes 24 pages of instructional text and activities, as well as three bonus pdf downloads - a wildflower recipe book and a wildflower identification journal, and a guide to drying wildflowers in a dehydrator.

Visit The Homestead Homeschool section of the Dodrill Ranch ETSY shop to purchase the Goldenrod Unit Study.

Goldenrod Unit Study Sections

1. Vocabulary Words

2. Goldenrod Quick Facts

3. My Book About Goldenrod Printable

4. Goldenrod vs Ragweed

5. Goldenrod Medicinal Uses

6. Goldenrod Nutritional Compounds

7. Goldenrod Lapbook or Notebook Activities and Templates

8. How To Identify Goldenrod

9. 4 Goldenrod Identification Activities

10. How To Use Goldenrod

11. How To Dry Goldenrod

12. Goldenrod Growing Tips

13. How To Harvest Goldenrod

14. Goldenrod Harvesting Activity

15. Goldenrod Uses Activities - Learn How To Make: infusions, soap, tinctures, salve, tea, vinegar, Goldenrod infused honey, Goldenrod poultice, and Goldenrod fritters

16. Goldenrod Warnings and Cautious

17. Links to free printable extension activities and videos about this edible and natural healing wildflower

Have you spent countless frustrating hours on the internet looking for homeschool curriculum materials to use when teaching your children? I am willing to bet this year's harvest that you didn't find a single one designed entirely with homesteading and prepper families in mind.

Sure, you can find plenty of free printables and how to directions for educational activities on the internet, but then you have to attempt to cobble them together into a comprehensive curriculum program.

When you look down at the massive stack of printed worksheets that took you days to weeks to find, it doesn't take long to grasp how closely they resemble the type of work your child would be doing in public school - which is not at all what you intended when making the important decision to homeschool.

If you don't have the time, patience, satellite internet data, or professional background that permits you to design a homeschool curriculum all on your own, purchasing one from a conventional educational materials provider is always an option. But doing so might require getting a small loan from the bank, especially if you have multiple children in the family.

A generic homeschool curriculum can often cost you up to $1,000 - per grade level. Such curriculum programs don't even always include a teacher's edition to tell you how to use the materials or how to grade your child's work.

The Homestead Homeschool is a comprehensive homeschool curriculum centered around self-reliance education, as well as meaningful, and useful learning concepts. Every theme unit in our curriculum packages are designed for preschool through high school level students. The theme units can be used when teaching multi-age children or for just one child - saving the upper age level lesson for future years.

The Homestead Homeschool curriculum is designed in topic specific in-depth theme units that offer lessons in all core subjects: reading, math, history, and science as well as art and physical education. This expansive hands-on curriculum can also doubles as scout-like program alternative that is operated independently by those who sign up for access OR as a family enrichment program.

What Makes The Homestead Homeschool Curriculum Different From Other Homeschool Programs?

As homesteaders and prepping parents, we work diligently to pass down our skills to our children and grandchildren. Our children have long deserved an educational experience created explicitly for them to address the self-reliance needs and goals of our families. The Homestead Homeschool curriculum helps parents combine their self-reliant, prepping, or homesteading efforts with a comprehensive homeschooling curriculum that teaches not just the academic basics but skills the children will find vital throughout their lifetime.

Homestead Homeschool is a turnkey program filled with hands-on meaningful and useful academic activities as well as fun educational experiences.


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