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The Homestead Homeschool Will Be Appearing At The Old School Survival Boot Camp In The Hocking Hills 3-Day Hands-On Event

The Homestead Homeschool will be at the Old School Survival Boot Camp in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio May 14-16, 2021. A special Homeschool Field Day Friday ticket was created for homeschooling families to attend a single day of the event to participate in all of the regular classes PLUS special kids-only self-reliance activities. The Homestead Homeschool will be hosting a homeschooling class for parents that they can attend with their children, as well. Some of the Homeschool Field Day events include: a foraging class, just for kids, a paracord make and take class, self-defense class for kids taught by Hakim Isler, Mike Francis of Kage Dojo, and Daniel "OX" Leathers, a welcome breakfast snack, and a Discovery Scavenger Hunt with treats at the end for all children who complete the tasks. For more information about Old School Survival Boot Camp, visit the group's Facebook page, join the Facebook group, or visit the website - and chec